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Phil Phil

I am 39 years old now and I have completed the challenge of building my own bungalow - laying each block, wiring each wire, soldering each piece of plumbing etc etc - for a mechanic this was no mean feat.......

Since having a serious road traffic accident in 1999 - I look at life very differently now and I have been in need of my next challenge in life. I see this adventure as that next challenge- the opportunity has arisen for us to do this and we must take up the challenge. I can't wait to set off with my family to explore -Mac's way round.........

Sharon Sharon

As a family we have enjoyed travelling and have seen much of Europe through several summer holidays, with our caravan. I see this adventure as a huge extension to our travels and I am anticipating the journey with great excitement coupled with a healthy 'fear of the unknown'. As a primary school teacher it makes this even more possible to take the children with us and teach them as we travel. The children's school are very happy with the idea and would like to have a webcam link to follow us on our travels.

The beginning is NOW - we have put a deposit down on a motorhome - making it all the more real to me and I can't wait to go and see whats out there...

Ben and Jemma Ben and Jemma

Jemma - Click here to visit my blog
I am 7 at the moment and will be 8 when we leave for our BIG adventure - and 9 when we get back! I know I will miss my friends at school but I am looking forward to seeing all the countries and will have lots of stories to tell when I get back ! I am looking forward to being able to swim in lots of the countries - even though I'm abit worried about sharks , crocodiles and alligators!...

I am 5 now and will be 7 when we get back from our trip around the world........I am looking forward to Australia and seeing the black Widows?! Also, I have always said I'd love to go to Russia !!


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